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Ram Athletics

Deering High School


Ram Athletics

Deering High School

Ram Athletics

Deering High School

Team News.

Team News

3 months ago @ 6:28PM

Team Tryouts!

Before I Can Tryout for The Team


  1. I will come prepared to all training and competition events with the following items:

    • Cleats

    • Sneakers (for running and indoor)

    • Shin guards (must have the NOCSAE seal)

    • Mouth guard (colored)

    • Water bottle

    • Sunscreen

    • Goalkeeper gloves (goalkeepers)

    • Mouth guard and shin guards will be worn during all contact activities.


  1. I have had a recent physical by a provider (doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner), and a letter clearing me for school sports.

  2. I have registered for Boys Soccer on FamilyID.

OR visit > Fall Registration to complete paperwork to participate in school sports. You cannot tryout for the school team until you have completed your FamilyID registration and have an updated physical turned into the office and uploaded to FamilyID. You must complete this each year. Tryouts begin August 13th.

If you had questions, please see Coach Costigan or Multilingual for help.
Multilingual’s website is

(I tried my best to translate below).

Kabéh atlit kedah ngadaptar kalawan FamilyID saméméh 13th Agustus dina urutan maén bal pikeun tim sakola. Didatangan pikeun ngadaptar.

Dhammaan cayaartooyda waa inay iska diiwaangaliyaan FamilyID ka hor bisha Agoosto 13-keeda si ay u ciyaaraan kubadda cagta kooxda dugsiga. Booqo si aad isu diiwaan geliso.

??? ??? ???? ????????? ??????? ??? FamilyID ??? 13 ????? ???? ??? ????? ????? ???????. ????? ???????.

Wanariadha wote wanapaswa kujiandikisha na FamilyID kabla ya Agosti 13 ili kucheza soka kwa timu ya shule. Tembelea kujiandikisha.

Todos os atletas devem se registrar no FamilyID antes de 13 de agosto para jogar futebol na equipe da escola. Visite para se registrar.

Tous les athlètes doivent s’inscrire auprès de FamilyID avant le 13 août afin de jouer au football pour l’équipe de l’école. Visitez pour vous inscrire.

Todos los atletas deben registrarse en FamilyID antes del 13 de agosto para jugar fútbol para el equipo de la escuela. Visita para registrarte.
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